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RECOMMENDED: Century Roofing & Siding

Roofing....everyone needs a roof over their heads. After 18 years, it was time to replace ours. Neighbours in the area were getting it done and there were lots of signs all over the neighbourhood for different companies. Who to choose?

We saw their work at another home and had them come in for an estimate. How long does it take to do a roof?

With Century Roofing & Siding, our home in Kanata, Ontario (Ottawa area) was done in less than 9 hours!! They were fast, respectful of the environment (with tarps covering the area), efficient and friendly.

John Barresi came in to provide an estimate. After measuring extensively, he sat and went through all of the details of the work that would be done. Some companies like to give options - Century doesn't - they say what the job will be and deliver it. They don't skimp on things and in our area, where we get a lot of ice build up and windy weather, this has to be taken into account. He said right up front, we aren't the cheapest - but they are competitively priced.

At the end of the day, when it comes to home repairs, I really like one thing: minimal interference or inconvenience. After having gone through a number of renovations, losing access to various areas of your home over a prolonged period of time can get frustrating very quickly.

Roofing can take a few days so we were expecting at least 2 days with stuff all over the place. Imagine my surprise when I came back home from work to find several workers on the roof and then two hours later, everything was packed up and gone. At one point, I looked at the roof and thought they would have to be back to do one particular item. When I got up the following morning, it had already been done. They were like magic elves!!

The result looks spectacular!

So once again, Century Roofing & Siding --- HIGHLY recommended!


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