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Not Recommended - Electrical & Plumbing Store (Nepean)

The Electrical & Plumbing Store specializes in (surprise) lighting and plumbing with a large focus on bathrooms. They've been around for several years and have a fairly large inventory of lights and other accessories. 

We've bought lights and fixtures from them in the past. They've never had everything in stock but it usually arrived from their East-end store in under a week.

Recently, in the middle of renovations, we ordered a fairly large light and were told by the salesman (Brian), it would take possibly 2-3 weeks because it had to be shipped. 

After 3 weeks, it still hadn't arrived in. All of the renovations are done so we want to finish this off. We were told to speak to Paul. He tells us that they placed the order but it wouldn't ship it until they had more orders. It might take 12-18 weeks. Huh? He didn't want to pay the extra money ($100) for shipping. Fine - why not add it to the cost of the order or give the customer the option? This is crazy! Don't sell something you won't order.

Whoever runs the actual store should learn some customer service. To allow your sales people to sell products that won't ship is just bizarre. Some reviews have noted that the store's staff are just rude - while we have encountered a few friendly sales people (Linda, Tony, Brian), the majority have been aloof and not helpful at all.

Can't wait to be cancelling our order. Almost wish we could take back the take-away items we've bought in the past. 

Electrical & Plumbing Store (Nepean): NOT RECOMMENDED


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