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RECOMMENDED: Furiend: Your Companion for Pet Management and Training

In the bustling realm of pet care, discovering the Furiend app has been a game-changer for me and my rescue dog. Having used Furiend faithfully for the past year, I started by meticulously tracking my pets’ weight and food consumption, relishing the clarity and organization it brought into our lives. The recently released training tracking feature has lived up to the need. I’m excited to share my personal journey and insights using Furiend, an app that seamlessly blends user-friendliness with comprehensive pet management tools, making it a top app for pet owners and trainers alike. I haven't seen anything that covers its range. 

Navigating the Furiend App: Easy and Intuitive

Right from the onset, the Furiend app has a fun interface. Navigating through various features is fairly smooth and intuitive. You add your animal companion, put in key information (like species, age and breed) and you're off.

Training Activities Tracking: A Welcomed Update

One of the standout features in the recent update is the ability to track training activities. You can track sessions either manually or by setting a timer. At the end of each session, mark it as a success or failure. 

This feature is particularly beneficial for those who are in the early stages of training their puppies or are grooming them for agile activities. Online dog courses recommend tracking their progress. Being able to view progress on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis provides clear and organized insight into your pet's development and learning curve. 

Definitely some improvement is needed here

While Furiend comes with a variety of standard training activities (sit, stay, come, give back), you can add your own. I'm using it specifically for seeing how our dog does with people as she can be somewhat reactive. I also use it for practicing her off-leash and long lead behaviour.

Sharing Moments

Furiend also lets you upload those precious moments you want to remember. Sure you can add them to your phone library but do you really want to scroll through dog pictures when trying to show your latest selfies?

Affordability: Great Value for the Price

At 99 cents a month, the Furiend app is affordable for most pet owners. Considering that most training classes last just a few months, this minimal cost offers significant value, giving you access to comprehensive tracking and management features without breaking the bank. I actually think some online training companies should simply offer this as part of their "training" costs.

Holistic Pet Management

Beyond training, Furiend is a complete pet management system. It allows you to track your pet’s medical history, weight, and food consumption. This all-encompassing feature ensures your pet's health and wellness are always in check, making it easier to notice any issues or changes that may need veterinary attention. 

As I said above, I've been using it for over a year (I'm a bit of a hoarder for tracking data - that's the database developer in me) and it's been great in managing her weight and what she eats. It breaks eating habits into meals, treats and supplements. I don't use supplements but knowing that I've been going overboard on treats (you're only supposed to give 10% of the daily intake - really?!?!?) is a bit of an eye-opener.

Now for the average pet owner, this might seem a bit much. Do you really want to track your dog's eating habits every day? Well, if your animal has been sick or recovering, it can definitely help.

Sharing Information: Handy for Boarding and Pet-Sitting

If you need to board your pet, the Furiend app lets you seamlessly share your pet's vital information with others, ensuring they receive consistent care even in your absence. I'll admit - I don't use this that often but I can definitely see the benefit. Obvious this requires that both people have Furiend but why not? Your boarder can also share pictures while you're away.

Always Room for Improvement

As a software developer and dog-owner, there's always areas I can see opportunities for improvement. I would love the ability to add dog "friends" so I can tag them in pictures when our dog comes across her friends. If this sounds a little overboard, let's not forget that Facebook made an entire business around it and a lot of those "friends" are people you haven't seen in years. Your dog likely sees their friends much more often around the neighbourhood.

Imagine if they expanded the tracking for trainers. Trainers could keep track of their "students" and their pawgress, maybe even printing off a certificate.

Definitely Recommended for Pet Owners

On the whole, the Furiend app is awesome for pet owners. Its extensive features, affordability, and easy-to-use interface make it a must-have app for managing and tracking all aspects of your pet's life and training progress. The recent addition of training activity tracking further solidifies its place as a comprehensive solution for all pet-related management needs.



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