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RECOMMENDED: Tailored Living featuring Premier Garage (Ottawa)

This was a great experience! The Do-It-Yourselfers may groan at the idea of having someone do the garage for you and will point out that you can get floor cabinets but after looking online and going through our garage renovation , there were two things I learned: 1. Garage floors aren't flat. That means you HAVE to put things on the wall if you want them straight. 2. Full on wall cabinetry is expensive, especially if you want to handle heavy loads. The ones you buy from Home Depot and the like can't handle heavy items - many top out at 25-50 lbs per shelf. Enter Tailored Living . Jason Allen met with us and went through several design iterations. His original proposal (a fully loaded garage) was a little on the expensive side but he worked with our budget, putting up with me asking for "try this, try that" and ensuring the finished garage work would meet our needs. As he said, "you can always expand later". He had us scheduled in very quickly -